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Clutter Free Tips for Clutter Help In Your Home

If you are needing some clutter help these ten tips will help you zero in on clutter so you can quickly start creating order. If you long for a clutter free home and are looking for some clutter help  read on.

Clutter is any item that needs to be repaired. My rule of thumb is if you haven’t repaired it within the month you can question if you really need to keep it. Possessions you use get repaired immediately because you would miss not using them. Items you never use sit broken for months or years. Shifting to the clutter free mind set means every item in your life is taken care of and in working order. So if you don’t have plans to repair let it go.

Unused multiples of the same or similar things constitute clutter. As you go through your day and week start looking inside your pantry, bathroom and other spaces to see how many similar items you have.  If you find you have doubles or triples or mega multiples realize this is an easy area to declutter. Throw out the multiples you no longer use.  Being in a clutter free mind set means you practice the one in one out rule so you don’t collect multiples.

Clutter is anything that you personally think is unattractive. Decluttering and organizing your home means it looks better and you feel better in it. Once you begin the shift into the clutter free mind set you choose to surround yourself with what you love and think is beautiful. You will find when you let go of items you have never liked you will feel a lot of relief. So get rid of the possessions you own that are unattractive or don’t make you feel good.

You haven’t used it, worn it or crafted if for a very long time. What are your time limits for keeping things you haven’t used?  Is it six months, a year, two years or ten years? Make a decision as to how long you will keep things you don’t use. This includes craft items, clothing, dishes and sports equipment to name a few. Setting these time limits and letting go of things that you haven’t used in a long time is an easy way to let go of a lot of clutter.

Do you own anything that is difficult, inefficient or unpleasant to use? Chances are you avoid using these items or being around them. Once your read this you may have an “aha” moment. This can range from garden equipment, to kitchen appliances, to kitchen tools, to difficult to clean clothing and toys for your kids.  Becoming clutter free is all about making your life easier, so if an item makes your life more unpleasant or difficult let it go.

Any piles are clutter. The trick is it will be a combination of things to throw out, need a home and to be put away. As you declutter and organize your home you will find the piles will quickly disappear.

Homeless items are clutter. These items may be the things you love and use but they have nowhere to go, get put in drawers or cupboards never to be found again. Every item in your home needs a clear designated place place. As you shift into the clutter free mind set and take action to clear out what you don’t need, you will find what you own and the storage space you have will get in balance.

Permanently messy areas are clutter. This means that spaces within and without your home that are always messy are a good area to start to declutter, to let go of redundant items. A good question to ask is why these areas are so messy? Do you need more storage or are these items not being put back because they don’t have a home?

Too many things in a space is clutter. Crowded flat surfaces, too full drawers or any space that is crowded is clutter. Once you are in the clutter free mind set every item in your home will have space around it for easy visibility. So start to look around at the flat surfaces and storage spaces in your home and see how crowded they are.

Feeling stuck, tired or overwelmed in certain spaces or around certain things indicates clutter. Clutter makes functioning in your home more difficult and drains your energy. This may take the form of small tasks feeling like big tasks, feeling that  becoming clutter free is impossible or not knowing where to go for clutter help. Which begs the question, is your clutter holding you back? Clutter steals your time, eats up your energy and fills your mind with incompletes, messes and must do’s.

Shifting into the clutter free organized mind set is taking the time to learn the skill sets to declutter and get organized step by step. It’s taking back your time and energy to design a home that is as functional as it is comfortable. These clutter tips will help you begin to identify your clutter trouble spots so you can take action to declutter and BeFree.

Copyright ©2009 Jane Alais