Menu Planning

Menu planning is simple. It’s effective. It’s less work and less clutter in the kitchen.

If you want to declutter your kitchen, pantry and freezer start with a menu plan.

Menu Plannng Declutter♦ Without a meal plan you spend time thinking about what to make for dinner.

♦ You spend more time wandering the supermarket, figuring out what to buy.

♦ You spend more money on impulse food buys.

♦ You clutter up your kitchen, pantry and freezer with food

♦ You waste more food as you don’t use and have to throw out.

Meal planning basics start with planning three or four dinners.

Once you know what you are cooking, it’s simple to organize your grocery list.

You’ll spend less money and buy the ingredients you need.

Once you start to plan meals and organize your shopping list you see the clutter in your kitchen. This makes your pantry, freezer and kitchen decluttering much easier.

Every week re-think and refine your food plan. Start to collect recipes and food ideas your family loves. Make a detailed grocery list with every shop. Streamline the products you buy.

With a menu plan you can:

  • Build up to planning meals weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Streamline and simplify meal prep
  • Make nutritious more interesting meals
  • Quickly declutter your pantry and freezer
  • Improve your grocery list with every shop
  • Learn monthly bulk buying basics
  • Reduce emergency runs to the store
  • Drastically reduce your grocery bill
  • Clutter free menu planning
  • Learn the how and why of batch cooking and freezing
  • Declutter and simplify your kitchen
  • Organize and enjoy meal prep

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