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Jane Alais Declutter Be FreeI’m Jane Alais, creator of DeclutterBeFree and author of Get Organized Get Happy – The Simple Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Head, Home and Heart.

DeClutter BeFree is about how to simplify your daily chaos.

I write about ways to live lighter, the joy of everyday simplicity, how to clear out your clutter and tips to get organized.

Getting rid of clutter means getting clear on what you love to do and even creating something wonderful.

You’ll find articles on making space and order, easy strategies for habit and mindset shifts that simplify your life and those important tips for easily cleaning your house, organizing kids and how to deal with time and productivity issues.

I also write about goal setting, creativity and share with you my favourite family recipes. Most importantly it’s the relief you feel when you clear out the stuff you don’t really want.

It’s all about getting your stuff and life in balance by living a little lighter.

I’m Canadian. When I immigrated to Sydney Australia I brought everything I owned from Canada. This house had no closets, basement or garage and almost no cupboards.Talk about shock. Coming from Canada I had no idea that houses without basements even existed. I mean where do you stash all your extra stuff?

Add two kids and me hanging on to every little thing and our house was bursting at the seams from stuff. We then moved to a bigger house and that filled up quickly too. I had to dig deep and learn to declutter.

I began my decluttering journey and learnt so much about how to let go, how to identify what adds value and how to live a little lighter to have that quality time for projects and people and my goals in life.

I now happily live in a small house with a great view. What I do own makes my life easier not harder.

I’m a mom and wife, educator and professional organizer. In my free time you’ll usually find me writing at my desk, painting in my tiny art studio or cooking a yummy meal for my family.

I love personal development and am always inspired by different perspectives on how to live a positive, creative and happy life.

Here’s to living a little lighter!

Jane Alais