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10 Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Like most women I love my shoes. I especially love my shoes when they are well cared for and neat in my closet.

10 Shoe Storage Ideas For Small SpacesShoe storage for me has to be very organized and I like to see where my shoes are. I like to keep them in really good condition.

I prefer to keep my shoes in plastic shoe boxes or in stylish shoe boxes. This works with my small closet. I can stack and see.

My shoes are a little more practical than glam. The fact that I have nicknamed my feet duck feet might have something to do with it.

The only time I have every worn high heels was for about two hours when I got married. My feet are too wide for most shoes but I love fine leather work, detail and pointed toes.

My daughter on the other hand is into very glam shoes with high heels. She likes her shoes on display. For her they are a sort of art form and none of her shoes are in her closet. They are on shelves to be displayed with pride.

Whether you are into the more practical shoe organizers or you use shoes to display your personality and taste here are 10 different ways to organize shoes in your home.

Under bed shoe storage
Under bed shoe storage

Under bed shoe storage works when you have a narrow wardrobe in your room. I don’t like storing anything under beds. It makes me feel like I have too much. But if your bedroom is really small this is a neat solution.

Toddler shoe storage ideas
Toddler shoe Storage Ideas

A cute solution to small shoes for children.

Hanging shoe storage

Hanging Shoe Storage

Hanging organizers really work when you have some extra closet space. Easy to see, easy to get and put back.

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