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Space Saving Storage Ideas

Is your storage full and bursting? Are you tired of buying plastic boxes to store the stuff you can’t fit into the cupboards and shelves.

Before you do more storage shopping learn about these space saving storage ideas.

Space Saving Storage IdeasDeclutter First

That’s right. About 80% of the stuff you store you never use. Re-think what you need to own. Get rid of the stuff you never use. Dump the stuff you don’t like the look of. Purge the “you might need it one day” stuff.

Organize What You Own

Once you have decluttered, re-organize your possessions. Creating categories and grouping like items with like creates more space. By doing this you make space in cupboards, drawers and shelves

Get Rid Of Storage That Doesn’t Work

Do you have shelves that are too narrow? Drawers that are too small or a cupboard that is the wrong shape for a room. Inconvenient storage adds to disorganization. Declutter and get rid of the storage that doesn’t work.

Consider Double Duty Storage

Double duty storage is furniture that has more than one purpose.

  • A coffee table with drawers.
  • Benches with hinged lids that have storage space inside
  • Side tables with shelves
  • Enclosed cabinets
  • Sofa with under seat storage
  • Beds that have drawers underneath

Add The Right Containers

The right container will organize the storage space. The wrong container will disorganize it.

  • In cupboards use labeled storage containers with lids that stack
  • Plastic boxes for garage storage
  • Baskets on top of wardrobes store clothes out of sight

Space Saving Ideas For Your Closet

Functional storage helps keep your closet organized and tidy.

  • Hanging cloth shelves for sweaters and folded clothes
  • Plastic shoe boxes that stack
  • Hooks to hang one item
  • Second clothing rod for hanging shorter items
  • Use skirt hangers that hang up to five skirts
  • Coat and trouser hangers to save space

Storage Ideas For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are where the small things accumulate.

  • Shallow baskets to organize like items with like
  • Cosmetic organizers
  • Plastic carryalls for bottles

Space Savers for the Bedroom

Bedrooms look cluttered when clothing, books and shoes don’t have a place to go. Adding functional storage adds space and keeps your bedroom tidy.

  • Wooden wall pegs for hanging often used items
  • Plastic boxes with wheels for under bed storage
  • Cane, canvas or wooden hampers for toy storage.
  • Consider bed headboards that double as book cases
  • Wooden chest that doubles as a seat and storage

Space Saving Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

Best storage ideas for the kitchen improve accessibility and function.

  • Wire or clear drawer organizers that separate utensils
  • Turntables to organize pantry items
  • Expandable shelves that add extra storage space for those high cupboards.

Declutter your storage and use these space saving storage ideas to maximize space in your house

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