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Working Full Time And Need To Declutter?

If you are working full time with kids you are busy, busy busy. So where do you fit in a little decluttering?

Working Full Time and Need to Declutter?Here are my tips for pain free decluttering when you are a crazy busy working mom.

Follow the one in one out rule

This can transform your life. When you bring one item in your home a similar item has to go. This makes you mindful about what you are buying. You start to see the habits that build up clutter. You can make change.

Declutter as you go

If you see anything that you no longer want, throw it out now. Don’t wait for the weekend. Edit as you go.

Have a let go box

A Let Go Box is the biggest time saver ever. When you see clutter, put it in the box. When the box is full decide what goes to charity and what goes to the rubbish.

Have a maybe box

There will be things in your home you don’t use/ don’t like but hang on to. A maybe box is a halfway point. Get it out of your life for a couple of weeks. Then see how you feel about it.

Declutter small

Declutter one shelf one drawer every day. Takes five minutes. Feel good even if you let go of one small thing. That is progress.

Build momentum- do a little everyday

Develop your decluttering muscle. Making decisions to let go or keep gets easier the more you declutter. Doing a little every day changes your mindset and gets you into the decluttering zone.

Group Things Together

Use this one organizing principal. Group things together. You’ll save space and start to really see what you own.

Get Inspired

Last but not least get inspired. Write out your vision, learn some decluttering and organizing skills and focus on what you want.

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