Tips for Working Moms

What makes a great day for you? Most working moms would say a better work-life balance.

The question is, how to make this happen?

Tips for Working MomsAdd a little decluttering, some simple organizing and a few workable routines to your day and you’ll feel focused and energetic. Here are my tips for working moms.

List your three most important tasks and get them done

Write down the three most important tasks to get done today. Make a mental note to do them no matter what. I find if I clearly prioritize three tasks all the little must dos fall into place.

Twist and tweak your household routines

Every working mom’s life needs routines. Managing meals, housework and kids can make your post work day exhausting. If you don’t have any step by step routine habits, think about making some. If your routines aren’t working twist and tweak them.

Stop multi tasking

Multi tasking is the working mom’s enemy. You do a little of everything but nothing gets done. It’s busywork. If you feel pressure, use a timer and focus 100% on the task at hand. You’ll feel less mental fatigue.

Re-think your evening and morning routines

A great evening routine needs to be time specific and clear. Make lunches after dinner so you don’t clean the kitchen twice. Have your kids pack school bags and lay out clothes before bedtime. Spend an extra ten minutes to empty the dishwasher and organize dinner for the next day.
Leave frazzled mornings behind with a fantastic evening routine

What’s your decluttering routine?

Do you have a system to get rid of clutter? If you are working this can be a neglected area. Keep a charity bag in the trunk of your car for your kids unwanted clothes, books and toys. Get clutter right out of your house.

Adopt a minimalist approach so your surfaces stay uncluttered and your family does a pick up and put away every day.

Meal Planning for busy moms

Last thing you want to come home to is a messy kitchen, hungry kids and no idea what to make for dinner. We’ve all been there and it isn’t a pretty place. Take time to make a meal plan based on favorite simple meals your family likes. Or try a bake once eat twice approach. Bake double the amount and freeze half for another meal.