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Simple Kitchen Drawer Decluttering Tips

Cluttered kitchen drawers full of things you don’t need aren’t fun. I’ve been there.

Simple Kitchen Drawer Decluttering TipsFrustrated.

Can’t find what you need.

Have too much.

Too many things to wash up and no space to put away.

Streamlining your kitchen makes it functional. Simplifying from the inside out starts with those kitchen drawers. Once you clear out a drawer, you’ll begin to declutter your cabinets, pantry and counter.

Here are my tips to lighten up those kitchen drawers.

Five simple kitchen drawer decluttering tips

Set a decluttering goal

Set a goal that is simple and measurable. You want to let go of 10, 20 or 30 items. You want to let go of 50% of what you have. Yes, this may feel a little stressful but setting clear targets will push you to really think about what you don’t need.

Use clutter free guidelines

What are your clutter free guidelines? Thinking through decluttering rules takes the pressure off decision making. Your rules may be no doubles, nothing purple or dump anything you haven’t used in 3 months.

Focus on what you use all the time

Keep the kitchen stuff you use all the time. Things like that extra sharp multi purpose knife you use everyday, your favorite spatula and baking accessories you use when you do bake.

And then there are the things in those kitchen drawers you can live without. Plastic bags, those corn holders you haven’t used in years, the cheap knives you bought but never use and all the old picnic stuff.

Empty the drawer

Empty the drawer. Put everything on the counter. Sort into categories. Declutter. Then return everything into the drawer in their categories. You want to be able to see what you have.

Throw stuff in the garbage

All the junk, the plastics and the extra just in case stuff. Toss is out.

Any kitchen items you are not sure of put in a box. If you need them use them. At the end of the month anything left is stuff you don’t need.

Use these decluttering tips for your kitchen drawers. Get a head start of a clutter free kitchen.

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