Kitchen Decluttering Ideas

I love to cook and like many of you, I’ve found clutter makes pantry organizing and kitchen organization time consuming.

Cooking a meal for your family is a way to re-connect with people in meaningful ways, but when you are the main cook and bottle washer but it can become an onerous chore you have to face daily.

Kitchen Decluttering IdeasThe negatives of organizing your kitchen

  • Cleaning dishes, counters floors takes up a lot of energy and time
  • Cluttered counters and cupboards, always looks messy
  • Disorganized grocery shopping
  • Difficult to menu plan and prepare meals

Simple decluttering changes

Two simple organizing changes can make a difference in how you organize your kitchen. The first is to remove what you no longer use. this can be things like:

  • Extra utensils
  • Extra plastic bags
  • Appliances you no longer use
  • Dishes you store away
  • Same size pots
  • Doubles or multiples of anything

Decluttering these six things will open up space in your kitchen so you can see what you own.

Positives of organizing your kitchen

Some of the positives of an organized kitchen are:

  • Easy quick cleaning
  • Surfaces are clear and uncluttered
  • The pantry is always stocked with what you need
  • Your enthusiasm for making healthy interesting meals is high
  • Every one looks forward to dinner
  • The kitchen is now associated with good feelings and positive energy.

How to organize your kitchen

Clear counter space

Declutter the inside of your cupboards and make space for the things you keep on your counters. A clear and spacious counter top makes it easier to prepare meals.

Organize a kitchen by putting like with like

Reorganize your kitchen drawers and theme shelves. Use kitchen drawer organizers to containerize and separate to create order out of disorder and help you access items easily.

Organize your kitchen in zones

Store what you use where you use it. You need a food preparation zone with knives and boards for chopping, cooking zone with pots and spoons nearby, washing zone where all items to be washed are stored.

Pantry organizing

Pantry organizing is simple by throwing out products that are out of date or haven’t been used in six months.

Put like with like

Place canned goods together on a bottom shelf, bottles together on another shelf and dry good on a higher shelf. You can see what you need at a glance and make it effortless to find what you need.

Use stackable pantry storage

Storing dried goods in stackable clear containers will let you see what is in them as well as identify when they need to be refilled.

Kitchen organization and organizing your pantry is much easier when you follow a few basic guidelines . Focus on creating space and simplifying what you own.. Streamlining your possessions, setting limits, putting like with like will all contribute to minimizing your workload and saving time. You may even find your health and prosperity improve with your new clutter free and organized kitchen.