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Do The Be Free Clutter Inventory

Do You Feel Stuck and Discouraged with the thought of clearing out all of your clutter?

Feeling stuck around clutter is normal. It’s hard to declutter when you don’t know the first step to take.

Freedom from clutter is easy when you have the right method, the right keys and the right plan.

  • Decluttering creates clarity.
  • Decluttering creates energy.

There is a huge feel good factor with every mess you clear up and piece of clutter you let go of.

Clutter comes with a very big price tag

do the be free clutter inventoryYou have to pay for it, keep track of it, clean it, pick it up, repair it and store it and even pay for it again.

Sometimes you even have to add to it, upkeep it, apologize for it, move it, hide it and argue over it. No wonder it eats up your time, money and energy!

Decluttering and getting organized work hand in hand. Once you start clearing your clutter discouragement becomes motivation. Fatigue becomes energy. Confusion becomes clarity. And frustration turns to inspiration and peace of mind.

Take the BeFree Clutter Inventory

This inventory identifies your clutter hotspots!

The Clutter Inventory shows you where your clutter hotspots are and what clutterfree solution to take.

Once you have your score check out the solution box to see what next empowering clutter free organizing step can be.

Your Clutter Inventory

Answer the questions below with the number which best describes you and then total your score

1: True | 2: Often True | 3: Sometimes True | 5: Never True

  1. I have more empty boxes, plastic bags, baskets and other containers than I can use.
  2. I have more than five items of clothing in my closet that don’t fit, are the wrong style or I have not worn in over a year
  3. It is a struggle to keep the living room neat and clean.
  4. I own at least five items that are broken, damaged or have parts missing and have not been repaired for several months
  5. It’s difficult to keep the floors clear. Items such as shoes, toys, books, and other things end up scattered everywhere.
  6. I have to store things under beds, behind doors and on top of dressers because I don’t have enough storage space.
  7. Family members regularly search for misplaced items or ask where something is.
  8. I keep unread brochures, redundant documents, expired policies and expired or outdated information in piles either in cupboards or a cabinet.
  9. My workspace is cluttered and disorganized. I have to clear my desk to begin to work, deal with paper clutter or look for things to get anything done.
  10. I hang on to things because I might need it, paid money for it, can’t have what I really want, or it has a family connection even though I don’t use this item or like it.
  11. I have homeless items that do not have a clearly defined place to be put.
  12. My closet is full of clothes but it’s difficult to find what I am looking for and often I have nothing to wear.
  13. I usually don’t think about storing similar things together.
  14. I have doubles or mu: ltiples of many items. This includes kitchen items, art materials, clothing, toys, and more.
  15. I have bottles of grooming products that are unused or half full as well as makeup that is out of date.
  16. I have one or more unfinished long term projects that I no longer work on. This can include craft, repairs, decorating or any long term project that requires planning and consistent action.
  17. I find organizing myself and my family during weekday mornings chaotic and stressful.
  18. My files are overfull. I avoid using them and it takes time to find information that has been filed
  19. I pay late fees every month. This can be small such as library books, DVD’s, or big such as bills, credit cards or fees that are due.
  20. Photos are usually difficult to find and are in mess. Most of my photos are not in albums
  21. There are usually several piles of clothing on floors, chairs or corners that stay that way for several days. This includes washing that is never put away
  22. I own items that are chipped, sagging, leaky, broken, tatty or cracked that are not nice to use or look at.
  23. I have a room or area where I put things and don’t think about them any more. This may include the basement or garage and cupboards, drawers or boxes.
  24. I have a tendency to keep things and rarely give to charity, throw items away or resell items.
  25. I often don’t make meal plans or grocery lists for the week. I usually am not sure what to make for dinner and I shop for food often.
  26. Beds are often unmade and bedrooms are usually untidy so I ignore these rooms
  27. I throw out leftovers, uneaten food, and out of date food items weekly.
  28. I am uncertain of how much money I spend daily or weekly and I am not sure of my monthly or yearly budget.
  29. I struggle with paper clutter and I often misplace paper that contains information I need. Paper piles are normal
  30. I accidentally buy things I already have and end up with multiples of things. This includes food, toys, clothing and more
  31. My kitchen, cupboards, counters, and drawers are full and cooking and cleaning seem to take a lot of energy and time.
  32. I often feel tired and frustrated with the workload in my home and let other important things slip like exercising, socializing or relaxing or doing something fun.


Here is more information on your clutter inventory score and how you can effortlessly declutter and get organized. Enjoy the decluttering and organizing process now by learning the step by step system to become clutter free and enjoy life again…

Your Score between 61-95
This score indicates that clutter is still impacting your home and life causing disorganization and chaos. Your may find there is one room that is particularly cluttered or you are struggling with a specific type of clutter such as clothing, paper or financial clutter. Just having too much can in itself make getting organized problematic. If you want fast results and the ease of living a clutter free lifestyle, check out Get Organized-Get Happy and discover the solutions for everything you need to know to create a clutter free and organized foundation to create success in your life. Check below to access the first chapter of the eBook.

Score between 96-130
Congratulations. You may find you have pockets of clutter here and there but are looking for quick ways to get the remaining clutter flying out of your home, simple ways to organize what you own, easy organizing systems to increase your efficiency and inspiring tips to energize your home so beauty, comfort and function become the norm in every room. You might want to check out Get Organized-Get Happy to discover other areas you can easily improve on.

Score between 131-150
This score indicates you are in balance with what you own and where you live and clutter is having a minimal impact on your life. You have good organizational skills and clutter free habits. This is a great time to check out Get Organized-Get Happy to discover the simple feng shui tips that will improve the energy and attractiveness of your home, how to make personal energetic symbols to inspire you to focus on your goals, how to use the law of attraction for clutter free and organizing success.

Want immediate access to the first chapter of the book that has helped thousands of people achieve quick and easy clutter free results so they have the clarity, energy and time to create an organized and successful life? …

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Here’s what people are saying…

Your Organizing Tips Were So Effective

Dear Jane,

Your tips and strategies are quick and simple to do and the bonus was making money from our junk and saving money on our grocery bills. My workload has decreased and my “fun load” increased. I loved the energizing tips. It let me improve the quality of our home with what we had. Thanks so much for your absolutely brilliant book.

Karen Robertson, Seattle, USA


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