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How To Be More Organized Weekly

How do you get yourself more organized when you don’t feel organized at all?

How to be More Organized WeeklyThe million pieces of advice on productivity and time management can feel overwhelming. Being more organized week by week makes planning easier.

Why weekly planning makes you more organized

Start being organized one week at a time. A week isn’t too long or too short. You can make changes by thinking one week at a time.

Thinking weekly reduces overwhelm. A weekly planner gets you to break down big tasks into small steps. You take tasks divide them by five and it becomes doable.

A weekly planner gets you to write tasks down and makes you look at the big picture. It’s easier to set goals when you think week by week.

6 Tips for being more organized weekly

Here are my tips for being more organized weekly.

  1. Get a weekly planner with the days written by the hour. This is really helpful as a visual to see how over or under committed you are. Once you fill it out/ block out what you are doing hourly you will get the answers to why you are getting nothing done, feel overwhelmed or are struggling to get organized.
  2. Book in quality time with your significant other. This will make you feel better. Life flows when the people around you don’t feel neglected. Having time to sit down and talk, go for a walk do something fun every week just makes organizing other things easier. Touching base with those that are important to you gives a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to duplicate.
  3. Book in your refresh time. So often in the busyness of life this is neglected. Yet this is the time that gives you energy, motivation and stops burnout. What do you need to feel refreshed and motivated. Is it spending some time alone, getting extra sleep or exercise, hanging out with a friend or doing some shopping. Every week you need that time to clear your head and get a better perspective.
  4. Make one priority for the day. Why one? It simplifies your life. Getting one important action competed gives you motivation.
  5. Outline your commitments. Some things don’t change. Time at work, driving kids to sport, the time you spend making lunches or cooking dinner. Fill all these into your time slots.
  6. Take a look at your week. Now you have blocked out your time with your significant other, your refresh time your daily priority and the time commitments you cannot change. Are you over committed. Are there changes you can make. Ask yourself the following questions.

Weekly Organizing Questions to ask

  • Do you need to delegate or get help in some areas?
  • Is there time you can utilize better?
  • Can you organize things like cleaning, errands, e-mails phone calls to certain times of the day?
  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Have you made and met your priority for the day?

Keep life and organizing simple. Make a weekly plan for yourself. Sleep better.

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