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Seven Tips For Organizing A Decluttering Plan

Seven Tips for Organizing a Decluttering PlanThis is a system I often use for myself. I know if I get my thinking organized, write out steps, I can get rid of clutter. Using this strategy makes clearing clutter faster.

Organizing Tips

  1. The first step is to get your thoughts onto paper. Writing seems to do several things. It creates a focal point for your mind, sets an intention and increases the feeling that you are supposed to do it. It spurs you into action. Writing your plan down is a promise you make to your self.
  2. Set simple clutter free goals in bite size pieces and write them down. If you want to declutter your clothing set your goals one drawer at a time or one section of your closet. Small goals make it easier to start and easier to declutter more than you expected.
  3. Identify your personal obstacles. An important organizing tip is brainstorming what excuses may come up for keeping things you no longer love or use or saying, “I don’t have time or I don’t know how,”as a road block to getting organized. Acknowledging your obstacles and moving through them lets you take action.
  4. Visualize the end result. Then make a list of what you want to let go of to make the picture in your mind a reality. This simple exercise allows you to identify clutter you may not of been aware of and to get rid of what you no longer like and create clarity around your clutter free goals.
  5. Clarify how empty you want the area to be. The Parato Principal states twenty percent of what you own is used eighty percent of the time. What do you need to keep to have a great life?This is the time to have what you own fit into the space that is available.
  6. A critical tip for organizing is to set new clutter free standards. This may mean starting out with the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys until you can get specific as to what you want to keep or let go of. Simple standards like I want to get rid of all my purple sweaters or I want a clean empty desk top add direction to your clutter clearing process.
  7. Organize a tool kit for your specific decluttering task. Do you need garbage bags or boxes, large paper clips or folders? Do you need labels, markers or packing tape or help with heavy boxes? Gather the tools that will help you declutter before you start this task.

Creating a decluttering plan with these seven tips for organizing will help you reach your goal, get you motivated and keep you on task. Writing will let you gain clarity around what you want to keep and give you a structure you can follow to create an individualized step by step plan for yourself.

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