Household Planning

Take that very important first clutter free step to clear clutter. This is easier than you think.

Clear Clutter with the Clutter-Free Decision-Making KeysLetting go of redundant items and organizing everything you own starts with getting in touch with clear new standards that help you clarify what you want to keep and what you want to let go of.


Look at new ideas to create empowering beliefs about what you really want to own.The Clutter Free Keys quickly help you make the shift to the clutter free mind set no matter where you are in your journey. Find your tipping point with the five amazing Clutter Free Decision Making Keys.

Clutter Free Key One: Do You Really Love It?

Do not underestimate the simplicity of this question. Every clutter filled home is full of unloved stuff. When you live with what you love you define your preferences, develop your sense of style and affirm your intention to live simply and fully. When you do this you set your standards and affirm your self worth. It is possible to love every item in your home.

When you assess your possessions you’ll discover you use what you love. Things you don’t love get put into storage or the back of dark cupboards. Even the smallest possessions can irritate you in subtle ways. You know when you really love something and it makes you feel good to see it, use it, and be around it. Create that feeling with everything you own in your house.

When you declutter ask, “Do I love this?” It’s an easy question with an instant answer. Toss the item if you don’t immediately hear, “yes.” It’s really that simple!

Clutter Free Key Two: Do You Use It?

The intention with this Key is to use every item you own. If every item in your home has a purpose it is much easier in life to find yours. This Key immediately impacts all levels of clutter as it inspires you to get rid of all the second best stuff and second best choices to take a more penetrating look at your deep and hidden clutter. It allows you to tune in to what you love, because often we don’t use what we don’t like. It lets you set limits on different types of possessions, thus slowing down the inflow of clutter.

Make an ordinary day extraordinary by displaying or using your most beautiful and cherished items instead of keeping them stored away for that remote special occasion. When you choose to surround yourself with fewer possessions but use the best, the most beautiful, and the most comfortable, your quality of life immediately improves as does your wellbeing. Luxury doesn’t need to cost a lot of money but it does require thought and certainty about what adds that something special to your life.

So, think about the possessions you have stored in your attic, basement and garage, and how all that stuff does, or doesn’t function in your life. Why aren’t you using it? Do you own too much or have you forgotten what you own?

If you have stored stuff for over a year it’s questionable whether you will ever need it again. Getting rid of clutter is simple when you go through your home and get rid of everything you no longer use. Decide to treat your self to the best of what you have. If you don’t use it, loose it.

Clutter Free Key Three: Does It Uplift Your Energy?

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are energetically connected to everything we own and that is why clearing out clutter makes you feel so much better. Every item vibrates with an energy that can uplift and inspire, or depress and distract you. Imagine how you feel when you look at something you love and then look at something you hate? Note your different responses.

Your possessions and where you place them affects your emotions and moods, creating an environment that is a living affirmation of what you believe. Choosing to live with possessions that make you feel good invites prosperity, abundance and opportunities in life as well as creating a comfortable living space.

Possessions that are unfinished, in disrepair and disliked bring your energy down. Clutter dulls your senses, blocks creativity and drains your energy as it takes a lot of effort to block out what you no longer like.

It’s the difference between looking at a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers and looking at a rubbish can filled with garbage. Which image inspires you?

When you declutter ask this question, does this object inspire, uplift or create a positive energy in my home and my life? It’s a simple question with a simple answer. If you say “yes” keep it, if you say “no” let it go.

Clutter Free Key Four: Set Limits on Everything You Own, Keep the Best and Get Rid of the Rest

This key requires some objective analysis. Look at a group of similar items, count how many of them you have and decide how many you really need. If you have clutter I guarantee you will have multiples of many things, most of them you never use. When this happens you often stop using what you love and use second best or make do. The connection to what you love and works for you is lost.

Letting go of clutter means you set clear limits on amounts of kitchenware, clothes, toys, craft materials, bathroom stuff, books, tools; absolutely every thing you own. When you decide on a finite number for different possessions it’s easy to make the clutter disappear. Not only will you get rid of a huge amount of excess things, you will be clear on how many you need and not acquire more. This stops you from shopping for clutter and makes you more aware of what is a manageable amount for you and can also save you a ton of money.

So when you declutter put similar items together. If you have more items than you need or use keep the best and get rid of the rest.

Clutter Free Key Five: Develop the Attitude of Letting Go

If you don’t love it, use it and if it doesn’t make you feel good, let it go. Develop the letting go attitude and get rid of what no longer works for you. Let go of anything that does not support your values, standards, vision and dream of how you want to live your life. Focus on expanding what works and letting go of what doesn’t.

Letting go of the possessions that you no longer love, use, feel good about or have too many of allows you to surround yourself with the possessions that are meaningful to you. This changes how your home looks, feels and functions.

I declutter every day. It may be a few seconds going through some paper or clearing out a small drawer. Letting go means fine tuning your radar for clutter and developing personal practical systems for getting rid of your junk. Practice makes perfect in this situation and the more you do it the easier it becomes. You may put a “let go” box in your garage. You may have a garage sale or make regular drop offs to charity. You may give away things, throw away things or sell things on E-Bay. Let go and be free.

Use any of the five Clutter Free Decision Making Keys for quick and effortless decision making and add your personal standards whenever they become clear. Remember you want to hear a strong instantaneous “yes” in order to keep anything. If there is any hesitancy, out it goes.