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7 Tips For Setting Personal Goals

7 Tips for Setting Personal GoalsSetting personal goals is a quick way to get life a little more organized. If you are taking care of kids, work or have some hobbies you love you’ll find creating goals gives you direction, energy and focus.

Goals keep you centred and accountable. They give you a different perspective. If you want to improve some habits, get a daily routine going or work on your highest vision of yourself setting personal goal is the way to go. They get you to declutter your mind.

Here are seven tips for easy goal setting.

  1. Brainstorm your goals
    Get your goals out of your head and onto paper. Make it a total brain dump so you clear your thoughts. You’ll find yourself more relaxed and focused after you do this.
  2. Make a vision book of your big goals
    Some goals take time, like losing weight, planning a trip or studying. Write down your really big dream goals in a book with photos and quotes to make a powerful vision of what you want.
  3. Organize your smaller goals
    Take your smaller goals and organize them into categories. The life categories are career, relationships financial, spiritual, health, weight, social and fun.
  4. Make one goal a priority
    Take one personal goal in one area and make it a priority. This goal you can work on every day.
  5. Set a deadline
    Set a deadline for your goal when do you want to achieve it?
  6. Break your goal into small steps
    The bigger and more difficult your goals the smaller the steps need to be to move forward every day. Once you have your mind set on these small steps things happen to get you to your outcome quicker.
  7. Goals are mindset and attitude
    Goals are interconnected. By focusing on one goal, breaking it down into small steps and achieving it you are changing your mindset, attitude and habits. If you look at your brainstorming list you will find if you have achieved one goal other goals have been achieved as well.

So know that achieving one goal, achieves other goals.

So what does setting goals really do?

  • They help you focus
  • They motivate you
  • They declutter your mind.
  • They clarify priorities
  • They give direction
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