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How To Use Smart Goals And Use Them Well

Smart Goals work and they work very well.

They are a proven method where you can achieve your goals easily.

But beware there is a wrong way to write goals and a right way to write them.

How to Use Smart Goals and Use them WellMost people don’t write down or even know their specific goals and if you don’t know what results you want how can you achieve them.

Wayne Gretsky once said “you can’t make a goal with a shot you haven’t taken” and that is what writing out your smart goals and objectives is like. Taking those shots so you can win.

So ask yourself:

Would you like to make procrastination a distant memory?

Would you like to consistently get those annoying messes out of your life and deal with what comes in a proactive way?

Would you like to clear out all the clutter and junk from your home so you live in a spacious attractive space.

Would you like to have all your paper clutter where it belongs wither in the recycle bin or organized in archives and files?

Would you like to feel you are moving forward in important areas of your life?

Goal setting sets up a consistent system of achievement which is a massive blow to the chaos of clutter. Remember the story of the turtle and the hare? In a race the turtle won by just being consistent.

So if you are in a decluttering mode and are looking to simplify your life or take a step to making those transformational shifts think about setting smart goals.

Take step to start to clear out your inner and outer clutter and create a focus that allows you to easily get things done.

What are Smart Goals

They give you a simple structure to clarify your ideas and desires while releasing the energy and clarity to take action.

They have five criteria that need to be met. Smart is an acronym for specific, measureable, attainable, and relevant to you and timely which means you set a deadline for getting them done.

Here are five tips to set your personal smart goals to clear that extra stubborn clutter and make inroads in what you want to do in life.

A Goal Needs to be Specific, very very specific

This sounds a lot easier than it is.

I’ve found most people feel more comfortable setting big general goals. They sound big and bold but are so vague that taking action to achieve them is impossible

Sometimes when your goal is simple and specific it feels too small and insignificant so it may feel counterintuitive to do this. Many big achievements are the outcome of taking consistent small action.

Saying I want to declutter my bedroom is too broad too vague.

Saying I want to declutter my closet is still just an idea.

Saying I want to give twenty clothing items to goodwill is much more specific.

Or saying I am going to let go of everything black, or anything a size 8.

Being this specific creates clarity. The more concrete and specific you can be the better chance you have of achieving it and moving on to a goal that is a little more challenging.

Your goal needs to be measureable

Your goal needs to be measurable. Stating the number of items or the items you want to declutter is a measurable action.

Goals such as I want to let go of one garbage bag of junk.

I want to let go of 20% of what I store which is five boxes.

I want to declutter my bookshelf and let go of thirty books.

Using a number, amount, size makes your goal measurable.

Make sure your Smart goal is attainable

As you work through the process of identifying goals that are most important to you, you automatically begin to see the ways to make them happen.

That means you look at what you are willing to do and make a commitment to the goal. Decluttering your bedroom may feel exhausting but letting go of twenty clothing items isn’t.

Letting go of twenty clothing items often leads to letting go of more, organizing your closet, returning those shopping mistakes with the price tags on them that you haven’t touched and redefining what you love to wear.

Creating attainable goals that you can achieve boots your self confidence and self esteem.

Attainable goals aren’t less than those big dream goals. Smart goals are designed to let you take the steps you need to get results

Make your goal realistic

What are you willing to achieve. This may be your big question. What are you committed to doing to make a change. Making a goal realistic often means making it specific. If it is a big goal what are the lead up steps to make it happen. List them out as Smart goals

Make your goals timely

Monthly goals are a good idea as they give you a time frame to meet objectives. If there is a goal that you want to do frequently and life interferes you still have the time to meet your objective. This works well with small decluttering projects or any other activity you want to start doing regularly.

So saying I want to do this action ten times this month makes it achievable.

Don’t list everything for the end of the month. Use different dates in the month as target deadlines.

Use positive words. Focus on outcomes

Take a look at your goals a couple times a week and see if you are doing it.

Make it real. Visualize it, experience it.

Look to the reward of achieving the goal. Clearing your closet means you have more space, can see clothes can start a new style, have room for exercise clothes so you can go to the gym.

Smart Goal setting is a way to improve your habits and routines and slightly shift your direction so you can take those first steps to make a big difference in your life. Use different dates in the month as target deadlines.

Writing down your Smart goals monthly can get you out of a rut, give you a little push to take you out of your comfort zone and give you the energy to make those changes that you want.

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