Mom Goal Setting

Have you thought of regularly setting goals to make some new choices in your life?

Mom Goal SettingGetting into the goal setting frame of mind creates clarity around what you love, what you want to do, how you want to live and can be the beginning of transforming your mindset so you can take the action to get what you want in life.

On a more practical front setting small personal goals can be a huge motivator to clearing that longstanding clutter in your home, dealing with messes of all kinds and streamlining and decluttering your life.

Creating any goals can change non productive habits, get you thinking a little differently about what you own and being to engage your subconscious to move through blocks to make that mindset change in the right direction.

This year was the year I learned and set goals.

I wrote them down, reviewed them, and visualized them. I carried my most important goals in my wallet. I discovered that for me they were a fantastic way to clear out mental clutter, get focused and stop being pushed in a million different directions. Setting goals effortlessly made me more productive.

I found my day had an instant inner structure because I was aware of my priorities. Tasks got done quicker, there seemed to be more flow to my day. With the clarity of setting goals manifesting outcomes and finding solutions seemed easier.

This didn’t happen overnight but I had a commitment this year to set time aside to reassess and rewrite my goals on a monthly.

Personal goal setting helps you make new choices and different decisions. They help you create your own future and take charge of your life and take action in new directions.

So what does setting goals really do?

  • They help you get focused which in turn creates motivation and energy.
  • They motivate you and help you get out of a rut or that feeling of being stuck.
  • They declutter your mind. You focus on the solution not the problem and begin to clear one thing at a time.
  • They help clarify priorities. You begin to realize certain tasks are more important that others and focus on getting those done.
  • Goals help you clear mental and physical clutter because they give you a sense of direction and clarity.
  • They are part of the psychology of success and let you take the action that can lead to really big results.
  • They give you an opportunity to reassess what you are doing if you don’t get the results you want.

Organizing Your Goals

Being organized always helps you create a new focus, take action and begin making newer and better choices. So when you list your goals you may find they fall in these three categories.

Daily: These are those practical small single step goals. This may be your to do list, filling out your decluttering or organizing planner, or those housekeeping or work must do’s you keep in your head.

They may also include routines and habits you want to implement, change or improve. This can also include your daily habits for success.

Weekly Goals are for those bigger one off tasks. This may include cleaning out a cupboard, getting that longstanding junk out of the garage, setting some time aside to return those phone calls or e-mails that have been on your mind.

Visionary or Lifetime Goals can be put on a vision board or goals book and be used for inspiration.

Setting Goals and Planning

  • Get into a goal setting process that is simple, consistent and easy to do.
  • Set aside an hour once a month.
  • Write your goals down. Put them in categories and choose your top five goals to achieve. Clarify what action you need to accomplish all or part of them.
  • At the end of the month reassess what you have accomplished and what you can improve.
  • Change or rework them on a monthly basis.
  • Put your main goals in your wallet to remind you of your objectives.
  • Take action.
  • Be persistent.

How have setting goals helped you and what new pathways or choices have you made?