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Organize Your Bedroom For Space And Calm

Home organizing begins with a bedroom that has become a clutter magnet for all the bits and pieces of you

Organize Your Bedroom For Space and CalmIf your bedroom has become a clutter magnet it ‘s probably time for and overhaul. When your bedroom become more storage area than rest area it isn’t very restful at all.

A clean, simple ,uncluttered bedroom is a space to unwind, and refresh. This creates the opportunity for those relaxing rituals that allow you to be calm and sleep well. Waking up to an uncluttered bedroom is a positive energizing .

Create extra space by removing what doesn’t belong there.

  1. Look through your drawers and put like items with like. Theme your drawers and remove what doesn’t belong there.
  2. Clean, clear and organize any flat surfaces. Pick up anything on the floor, clear and clean table tops or side tables. Throw away any small surface clutter. Decreased clutter instantly creates a relaxing calming response.
  3. Any bedroom organizing includes a clothing purge. Go through each drawer tossing what is too big, small, old or not longer liked. Fold every item and fill drawers to about seventy per cent capacity for easy access. Categorize the items in each drawer.
  4. Organize and declutter your closet. For instant space get rid of extra hangers. Use wooden hangers to keep clothes wrinkle free. Systemize your closet by hanging similar things together and buy clear shoe boxes for easy storage. This will make it much easier to get ready in the morning.
  5. What small things do you need to organize? This may include jewelry, makeup and hair accessories. Get rid of the items that you no longer wear, like or want and containerize the rest. Put these containers in closed storage to minimize surface clutter.
  6. Organizing your bedroom also means sorting out your reading material. Get rid of any newspapers, magazines that you are no longer reading and put all your reading material in a basket or night table.
  7. Look at your storage. Are you using all the vertical space in your closet? Can you add more shelves, hooks or get rid of hangers? As you declutter and create designated spaces for things you will automatically create more space

Breathe deep and relax in your uncluttered and organized bedroom. Simple actions such as clearing surface clutter, getting rid of unwanted items in your closet and containerizing small items can create calm and space.

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