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How To Organize Clothing

Clothing can add a lot of clutter to your home especially if it is never purged or organized.

You may not have enough storage. You may have too many items you never wear. Or there is no system.

Clothing clutter means you can’t find what you need, clothes get misplaced and the laundry is out of control.

There are four areas where rethinking how to organize clothing can benefit you. These are closets and drawers, the laundry room and clothing storage.

How To Organize ClothingDeclutter your closet

Have a good purge.

Take everything out, and use four separate bags for:

  • Repairs
  • Dry cleaning
  • Throw aways
  • Give aways
  • A laundry basket for clothing that needs to be cleaned

Streamline what you own.

 Organize your clothing

Make every item visible.

Hang like items together

Getting ready in the morning, putting clothes and laundry away, seeing what you need to buy is much easier.

Clothing needs a specific place to go and enough space in your storage areas so it is easy to put clothes away every day.

Six organizing guidelines for closets

  • Hang similar items together. Put blouses, sweaters and shorter items in one section.
  • Hang skirts or trousers on a ladder hanger to save space.
  • Label anything in a container
  • Store seasonal items in the top or back of your closet
  • Don’t overstuff your closet, declutter instead.
  • Use wooden hangers as this gives some space between every clothing item.

Three tips for organizing drawers

  • Only fill up about 50 to 70% of your drawer space so it is easy to see what you have in the space
  • Put least frequently worn items at the bottom or in bottom drawers
  • Put bulky items in the bigger drawers

Remove seasonal items and store these together in one drawer or in a plastic box in another area

Why Folding clothes properly is important

Folding keeps clothing orderly and easy to see. Only fold dry clothes. Don’t over stuff drawers as this makes wrinkles where the fold is.

How to organize clothes in the Laundry Room

In the laundry room having laundry baskets big enough for whites, colors and darks makes organizing the laundry much easier. Deciding on a place for only dryclean clothes to go before they are put away keeps the to do laundry and the done laundry separate.

Clothing Organizers you must have

Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are more durable and create breathing space around clothes. Clothes are less likely to slip off and they make a closet look more attractive.

Organizing shoes

Shoe boxes are great storage for shoes as long as they are clear or labeled. This keeps your less frequently used shoes protected and out of the way of the shoes you use daily.

Hangers with clips

A great space saver for small closets. You can hang multiple items in the space to hang one and it makes it easy to see what you have.

Plastic Containers

Storage Containers that are plastic or can be labeled for seasonal storage are a way to empty out closets and drawers. Getting your unnecessary seasonal clothing out of the way of current clothing and stored for next year will instantly add more space.

Discover how to organize clothes to make the space and order you need. Rethink and reorganize your closets, drawers, laundry and seasonal clothing storage.


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