How To Get Organized

Are you searching for the success secrets of personal organization?

How to Get OrganizedYou may be wanting a well run home, more “you” time, or a better balance of family and work.

A personal organizing system is a comforting structure. It supports you when things get rough. It helps you meet those deadlines at work, unexpected errands or must do’s that crop up with out a lot of fuss and bother.

Personal organization is based on daily rituals. Over time they become automatic habits .Daily rituals ground you. You feel less stressed and have more focus and energy.

These ten simple rituals are the success secrets to living organized. Experts say it takes twenty one days to make a habit. Add a ritual into your daily plan until it becomes a habit you can’t live without.

Plan, even it if is 5 minutes a day. Call it your hour of power. Planning is a foundation to a positive mindset. Visualize how you want your day to flow. Focus in on your goals or refresh with some exercise, music or inspiration. Integrating a few minutes to breathe get centred and feeling good adds amazing energy and momentum to your day.

Get into the habit of writing things down. There is magic to writing down your vision and your goals. You get organized when you write down your grocery list, meal plan or to do list. The habit of writing is a foundation to get clear on what you want .

Set boundaries. Create a balance between your free time and tasks for the day. One of the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys is to set limits and this is a valuable key to successful personal organization. When you are working, work. When you are playing with the kids, play with them. Be clear on what your time focus is. Balance work, rest and rejuvenation.

Adopt flexible planning. Make a plan, write it down and assess. If it isn’t working make a new one. Be flexible not rigid, look at outcomes.

Focus on outcomes. Focus on your outcomes then write your action steps.. This leaves room for inspired thinking, synchronicity and positive opportunities. Sometimes just knowing the next step is all you need.

Set achievable goals. Set five small goals a day. Cross out what you achieve and rewrite the unrealized goals on tomorrows to do list or let them go. Create a sense of purpose, power and achievement by creating a ritual of following through and learning to choose your goals carefully.

Focus on well being. What can you do that makes you feel centred, calm and happy? What can you do to support your health, enhance your creativity and just make you feel good. Add this to every day and make it a priority.

Let go of clutter. What are you holding onto that makes life more complicated? Too much clutter creates distractions and is a roadblock to organizing yourself. Organize an hour decluttering session as one of your goals every week.

Get organized. Organizing what you own creates a sense of order and purpose in your home and life. It’s hard to find the energy for your goals when you don’t know what to make for dinner or finding clean clothes is impossible. Include organizing into your decluttering hour and watch your home and life transform.

Start an inspiring night-time ritual. A good night-time ritual sets you up for a great morning. Turn off the TV and computer a little earlier each evening. Take time to read inspiring literature, update your personal calendar and relax and breathe. What you see and read or reaffirm will sift through your subconscious during the night often creating instant solutions and exciting ideas the next morning.

Success secrets of personal organization are:

  • 5 minute planning
  • Write things down
  • Set boundaries
  • Flexible Planning
  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Set small goals
  • Increase your wellbeing
  • Let go of clutter
  • Get organize
  • Create an inspiring night time ritual