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Easy Kitchen Declutter Checklist

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, a quick kitchen declutter gives you space and order.

It’s a first step to an intensive declutter or a quick tidy up so your kitchen functions better.

The most common kitchen clutter is stuff that you’ve bought and stopped using. This type of clutter can range from small things like spices.

Or big things like appliances you store at the back of cupboards.

Simplify your kitchen. Get rid of appliances and utensils you don’t need. Make it easier to make a meal and quicker to clean up.

Here is the easy kitchen declutter checklist I use to make space and order in my kitchen.

Easy Kitchen Declutter ChecklistKitchen Declutter Checklist

  1. The No Brainer Throw Outs – Toss any garbage, anything broken, anything too old and ugly.
  2. Utensils – How full are your utensil drawers? Pretty full? Now is the time to decide how many of each item you need. Empty out a drawer. Put spoons, spatulas, knives and peelers in similar groups . Keep one or two of each item. Let go of the rest.
  3. Space Stealers – Identify your kitchen space stealers? List five types of things that multiply in your kitchen.. Check your plastic bags, glass jars, damaged tupperware containers, potholders and small items. Purge, edit and limit.
  4. Pantry items – Declutter your pantry items. Items to go are flavorless spices, out of date condiments. Open old packets of food. Let go of anything you haven’t used in the last six months.
  5. Big kitchen items – Big things take up a lot of space. Use your crock pot? Keep it. Hate that extra large platter, get rid of it. Use your waffle iron once a year on Christmas morning, keep it. Always use one favorite vase, get rid of the other vases.
  6. Appliances – Some appliances make life easy, other appliances make more work. As a rule of thumb, let go of anything you haven’t used in the last six months. Declutter the gadgets with many parts. These appliances make more mess and take longer to clean up.
  7. Declutter doubles of things – Double and triple of the same thing take up a lot of space. Check your salt and pepper shakers, knives, same size pans and pots. These are common double up items.

Use this kitchen declutter checklist as a blueprint to simplify your kitchen. You’ll be a happier cook with less clutter.

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