Household Checklists

One of my organizing projects this week is to create some checklists and use them as organizing tools. I use checklists to get myself organized so I can make some progress with large work goals.

At the same time I want to create some basic checklists around household chores to get my family more organized.

Household ChecklistsChecklists make focus on getting one task or project completed, decreasing the scattered unfocused energy that disorganization creates. They are great organizers for household chores. You can list step by step what you want done. With large projects you can outline what you need to do and break it down into easy steps by making a checklist for each section.

I keep my checklists in my household organizer which is a binder which holds all my household management information. The checklists are separate from my ongoing “to do list” because I use them for specific routine household tasks that I want to delegate, cleaning outlines and for homework and music practice reminders for my children.

Shifting from being disorganized to organized often means you have to think through processes or the steps it takes to achieve order.

This is calming, puts you in a quiet clear place, slows you down and gets you thinking in a more orderly way about changes you want to make. Here are some places where checklists could benefit you in living a more organized life.

If forgetting things is common in your household you may find a checklist outlining what to pack in a school bag, swimming bag or sports bag will eliminate this problem immediately. This works really well with anyone in your household who is constantly forgetful.

Evening or morning routines can be outlined including how and what to get ready for school. Your child can check their own morning or evening checklist and know what they need to get ready without any reminders from you.

Homework and chore checklists give children a daily or weekly guideline which turns into a routine. Routines can change into good habits which shift from easy to effortless to do.

Cleaning checklists can save you a lot of time. List what and how to clean the kitchen or what needs to be dusted, put it in a binder and next time you delegate a chore it is clear what needs to be done.

Weekly tasks can be listed and this may include car cleaning, garden maintenance or weekly chores you want done. This gives you the ability to rotate these chores so keeping the task short and sweet.

Checklists are great to have when you need to pack for holidays. Packing lists for family holidays, weekends or even day trips will completely take the stress out of getting ready to go. A checklist to make sure the house has been closed up properly or the pre-travel car maintenance complete leaves you feeling calm and confident everything has been done.

So use these home organizing tips and try making a few checklists where you feel you need better organization. Use them as reminders to eliminate post it notes, to get your self thinking in step by step processes and improve your home organization.