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Household Moving Checklist

Many years ago I wrote down a simple household moving checklist a month before we moved. This checklist covers the basics.

It prevents that dreadful panic when you leave things to the very last moment. It’s a low stress way to move.

Organizing your packing and planning your move a month before your moving dates gives you the time to declutter. You can save hundreds of dollars if you get organized, make a plan and declutter.

Household Moving Checklist4 Weeks Before Moving House

Start Organizing the move

  • Book your removal company, search for a good quote.
  • Start to use food in freezer, and canned goods
  • Start a folder for your move. Put a calendar page in the folder to list moving house tasks to be done.
  • Organize schooling if you are changing districts
  • Make a simple decluttering plan. List all things you want to toss and donate.
  • Start to shred paper clutter like bank statements, toss old notes, notebooks
  • Go through closets and donate clothes, toys, dishes.
  • Book a big garbage pickup for week three and declutter that garage.

Three Weeks Before Moving House

Start packing your stuff

  • Purchase cartons, packing material and butchers paper to pack breakables
  • Pack things like books, linens, platters and kids toys. Set a goal of packing one or two boxes a day.
  • Label the contents and room of every carton clearly
  • Add an arrow for up especially with breakable items
  • Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in small cartons.
  • Start to dismantle furniture that comes apart – remember to tape screws or put labeled bags of screws in one box

2 Weeks Before Moving House

  • Organize child and pet care on moving day.
  • Organize your telephone, internet, gas, electricity.
  • Redirect mail through local Post Office and notify people of your change of address.

2 Days to Moving House

  • Pack a first night suitcase or box. Kids favorite toys toiletries, sleepwear, school stuff and all the essentials for the following day.
  • Collect keys for your new home.

The Day Before

  • Defrost, empty, dry out and air your refrigerator and freeze
  • Prepare bags/cartons with items you will transport yourselves.

Moving Day

  • Do a quick check of garage and home.
  • Turn off power
  • Lock house

On the Day

  • Give directions so furniture is placed where you want
  • Check all utilities are connected, hot water is on.
  • Check that furniture is unloaded in good condition
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