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5 Ways To Combat Decision Fatigue For Busy Moms

Decision fatigue is real. It ‘s the new modern illness for busy moms.

Throw in a couple of kids, work and a household and no wonder most of us feel like jelly when it comes to making better choices.

5 ways to Combat Decision Fatigue for Busy MomsThat’s why after a long day, little things like where to put the books you are reading or how to organize and pay the bills seem difficult. It’s why the kids end up with that new toy or candy you never wanted to buy.

It’s those daily mini decisions that pile up and create brain fatigue.

And it’s why simple decluttering projects, like going through your closet or organizing toys cause instant mental exhaustion.

Every item you pick up is another choice: keep or discard and when you make that choice you have to organize the keepers.

It’s overwhelming.

That’s why simplifying your life has an amazing positive impact on your ability to make good decisions.

Make simple decisions into routines

Simple routines are pre-made decisions. Look at it this way, the more routines you have the fewer decisions you have to make.

Decide where to put your keys, new mail and bills to be paid. This eliminates a lot of simple daily decisions.

Follow a menu plan. This removes the what to eat and what to shop decisions. It’s all written down.

Get a good morning and evening routine in place. Knowing your morning routine gives you a structure to organize the kids. An organized evening routine lets you save your decision making muscle for more important things.

Do the most important thing first

Whether you work or a full time mom there will always be that one important thing to do that makes a positive difference to your day. Write it down. Shorten your to do list. Why? Because completing that one important thing every day creates momentum. When you have flow and momentum you get more done with less effort and you feel less overwhelmed.

Automate what you can

It may take an evening but you can automate all your bill payments. This gives you a more free time and removes the when to pay stress.


Simplifying your life isn’t going without. It’s keeping what is most important and getting rid of the rest. Simplify your food ,buy less and rotate favourite products. Simplify clothing: keep what you wear all the time. Simplify shopping, use a grocery list.

Plan your downtime

Busy moms often forget about downtime.

Making time for those relaxing activities gives your brain and decision making muscle time to recuperate from the day. Exercise, craft, meditation are all activities that help busy moms with decision fatigue.

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