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Can You Change Habits With Messy Clothing

Can you really change your messy clothing habits? Yes you can. Clothing can make a real mess in a home.

It takes minutes for family, laundry to be out of control, keeping closets organized can seem impossible.

You have a floordrobe thing going on and you haven’t seen the chair in your bedroom in months.

Can You Change Habits With Messy ClothingWhere to start and how to manage this mess is the question. If the whole clothing thing is out of control it’s time for some new clothing habits.

Changing Habits

Here are some habit change tips.

Try doing something daily.

Daily change keeps you focused and gives you instant rewards.

Start small but start somewhere.

Piggy back your new habit with a habit you already have.

This helps with decision fatigue.

Fold clothes after dinner, hang up clothes before you go to bed. You get the idea.

If you can piggy back a new habit with an established habit it becomes second nature very quickly.

Just start with one. Do a little bit. Take an easy step. Do something every day. That is the way to get a lot done.

Always Delcutter First

  • Keep junk out of your closet. Everyone’s junk is a little different. De-junk as soon as you can. You know what your junk is.
  • Get rid of your unwearables. These are the too big, too small, need to repair and souvenir clothes.
  • Find a place to store out of season clothes
  • Dump the bent and twisted yucky hangers
  • Only keep what you wear

Get Organized with Laundry

  • Have a good laundry hamper. I find sorting exhausting so I have one for whites and colored. Get a laundry hamper that is big enough for your families clothing.
  • I have kids. If laundry isn’t done every day things get out of control. Decide on laundry days
  • Do one load most days and fold and put away clothing every day. This can be done in from of the TV and you can get your kids to help.
  • Put clean enough clothes back into your closet

How to keep clothes off the floor

  • If you hate folding use bins.
  • If your hate hanging use shelves or drawers.
  • Organize drawers so one category = one thing.
  • Store out of season clothes and only have what you wear in your closet.

Do you have the right organizers in your closet

  • Use good hangers.
  • Store shoes in shoe boxes.
  • Use multi skirt hangers.

Figure out how you love to organize clothes

  • And do it!
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