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Organize Your Life For Inspired Living

Taking the time to organize your life is a powerful process which can streamline and re-energize your life.

Organize Your Life For Inspired LivingThis process develops the skills to create the routines that minimize the must do’s allowing you to eliminate distractions in the form of clutter.

What is wonderful about this journey is that organizing your life is the key to inspired living.


How on top of things do you feel? Do you feel you are getting the important things done and moving forward in your life. Organization makes goals achievable.

Step back, take a breath and be open to new ways of thinking.

Here are key organizing ideas that will give you a sense of the systems that could really work for you:


This shifts chaos into order. Writing things down makes them real. Helps you prioritize and let other things go.

  • Update your calendar
  • Edit your to do list
  • Spend twenty minutes on a monthly menu plan
  • Make three checklists that you know will save time
  • Write out three work priorities


Routines save time and energy. Grouping routines together and scheduling tasks for certain days makes stress free household routines.

  • Tidy up every day
  • Have laundry days
  • Talk to your kids
  • Wash,dry and put away, dishes and laundry
  • Have some down time
  • Complete one big cleaning task every week
  • Shop less
  • Declutter your purse/wallet every day
  • Tidy your desk
  • Organize receipts

It’s the little things that count and the little things that can rob you of hours in your week.


Tossing things out and making room for what you really want in life is inspiring. Here are some wonderful decluttering goals.

  • Let go of one item every day
  • Then let go of two items a day
  • Organize like with like
  • Get rid of multiples
  • Clear a surface
  • Toss clothes you no longer wear


Clearing out clutter makes your home look brighter and better. Once the clutter goes you know what you like and what you don’t. Create some visual happiness.

Taking moments in your day to create beauty simply makes you feel good in your home. This can be as simple as tidying up a room, cleaning an area, buying a a bouquet of flowers, using candles or placing treasured objects in special places.

Inspired living starts with the time you take to organize your life and taking baby steps toward the home you want to live in and the life you want to live. As you let go of clutter you get rid of roadblocks, distractions and things that are a burden.

As you organize your home you reduce your workload, save money, and create time and energy to do what you love. As you home evolves your live evolves so clarity around what is important to you lets your personal productivity soar and often your life direction or life purpose starts to reveal itself. So take a baby step now.

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