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Good Habits – Organize Your Purse

Good habits are amazing time savers and natural organizers.

Usually they take seconds, are easy to do and make a huge difference to creating a day that flows.

Good Habits - Organize Your PurseOne simple way to streamline and organize your day is to clear out and re-organize your purse on a daily basis.

Handbag Problems

Some disorganized handbag problems you may have found in your life are:

Have lost the important coupon, receipt or document only to get home and realize it was in your purse the whole time

Carrying around a make-up bag that has enough stuff in it for a crowd of people

Needing glasses or sunglasses but forgot to pack them

Lugging around a purse so full of stuff you have a sore neck or shoulders

What it really boils down to is you don’t have what you need and that may mean losing money, having to do an errand again or simply being inconvenienced on a daily basis.

Organized or Chaotic

Organizing Guru Julie Morgenstern advises “Your purse is either a portable microcosm of you either feeling organized and light on your feet, or weighed down and chaotic. It’s like your springboard of confidence that you’re organized and ready to tackle the world.”

So if you are ready to dump some purse clutter and face the day with the confidence of a clutterfree organized handbag here is what to do.

Decluttering Your Handbag

Dump everything out of your purse every evening. Throw what needs to go in the trash.

File or organize any documents, receipts or information you have stuffed in your baOrganize tomorrow and reorganize in categories.

Go through your wallet and empty it of receipts and small pieces of paper and reorganize your cards.

Organize a checklist for tomorrow.

Things to Keep in Your Purse

Here are the core items to keep in you purse, anything else can be changed daily.

Wallet, phone and keys

Daily Organizer

Pencil case with pens and notepad

Small make-up bag, don’t bring your entire make-up bag with you, opt for a few items you will need the next day

And any specific items you may need for the day

Purse Accessories

Everyone needs a few pouches to contain similar type items.

Mini-Pouches for make-up are the way to go to contain make-up and personal items or any other small loose items.

Pencil case containing pens and paper. Small and lightweight this comes in handy.

Small pull out bag with items needed for baby or children.

Sunglass or glass case

Get into a good habit, organize your purse daily and you will experience the benefits every day.

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