Housework Tips And Tricks

Prioritizing your housework tasks makes living in an uncluttered clean house more realistic. Cleaning gets done quickly and efficiently. You get those big messes under control. By doing a little every day a lot gets done.

Housework Tips And TricksI love living in an uncluttered clean house. I’ve worked on improving my cleaning and tidying routine by simplifying what I own and making quick easy routines.I’d like to have a cleaner house with minimalist effort. Here are my tips for prioritizing your housework as another way to simplify your life.

How to prioritize your Housework

To prioritize housework, take a paper make three columns and write daily, weekly, monthly in each column. Then fill in your daily, weekly and monthly housework chores. This way you can simplify what you do. If you have a busier day, do less. If you have a day with more free time plan to do more.

Minimalist Daily Housework Chores

There are six small household chores I do every day. They can take seconds to several minutes and they keep my house tidy and clean.

This is what I do to keep my house clean, for you it might be a little different.

Sweep and Dust – I sweep and dust my floors daily. In Canada we took shoes off in the house which helped keep floors clean. In Australia we don’t, so in my home cleaning floors is a must.

Wipe Surfaces – Give all flat surfaces a wipe. I use a microfiber cloth and add a vinegar solution to my kitchen and bathroom cleaning.This can range from clearing the kitchen counter, wiping the dining table to organzing and dusting my work table and wiping any surfaces in the bathroom. Keeping counter uncluttered makes cleaning easier and quicker.

Clean as you go – This is a great concept. As you move around your house you clean or tidy anything that you see.

Clean sinks – Keeping sink areas clean makes the room feel cleaner. When I clean sinks I put away and clean around sinks too.

Organize laundry – If you have kids spending 5 or minutes organizing your laundry by getting clothes put away, clothes to be washed in on place prevents the laundry from getting out of control..

Put away – Put things away after you use them. This can be dishes in the kitchen, clean laundry and kids things.

Weekly Household Chores

Your weekly chores should be a more intensive cleaning. These may include washing bedding, floors, vacuuming, clearing out clutter, working in the garden and general pick up and put away.

Monthly Housework Chores

Monthly cleaning may include cleaning walls and windows, organizing repairs.

Prioritizing your housework gets you in control of your household chores. Take a minimalist attitude. Keep surfaces free of clutter for easy cleaning. Put away floor clutter for quick sweeping and vacuuming and declutter so there is less to clean and put away.