Home Office Organizing

If your workspace gives you the blah feeling a simple makeover may be in order.

Imagine having a space that is a pleasure to work in and organized so you can sit down and get to work right away.

Home Office OrganizingThese three makeover steps will inspire you to shift the clutter out of your desk ans office, get organized and energize the space so it feels as good as it looks.

Always declutter first. Clutter makes your desk or home office area a graveyard for unusable, undone and redundant things. Mess means the energy of your office space will be to keep things unfinished and incomplete. Remove what isn’t in current use from your workspace. Get a huge garbage bag and throw out:

  • Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, staplers and other assorted stationary items that no longer work.
  • Sort out any miscellaneous paper clutter and throw away paper information that is not relevant. This may be old receipts, junk mail and envelopes, redundant paper information in your files. Get rid of your paper clutter.
  • Go through each drawer/shelf and get rid of anything unusable, any doubles or multiples of the same things. Only keep items that you frequently use at your desk.
  • Go through books and research material and let go of any old or information that you no longer need or use.
  • Keep your desktop clean and free from clutter.
  • Clear and clean your workspace desktop and give the area a good sweep and vacuum.

Organize this space. Add what you need to get your work done organize like with like and keep what you use most often in accessible places.

  • Make a list of items to get organized. This may mean replacing some stationary items, buying paper or new pens, a calendar or notebook.
  • Begin to put like with like and think in categories. Start to think a designated place for everything. Keep stationary items together, paper together in convenient places for you.
  • What do you need for storage, think archive boxes for files that you need to keep but don’t need to access. A4 boxes for research, and replacing old files folder with new ones.
  • Organize your paperwork. Get an in tray for incoming paper, set aside time to organize your files and create labelled binder for storing information.
  • Start one notebook for to do’s and work on it every morning.

Energize Your Space. What would make this space really wonderful to work in? What can you add to make your home office space more beautiful, comfortable and functional as well as inspirational?

  • Keep your workspace tidy, clean, dust free
  • Add something beautiful that gives you a visual boost. This can be artwork, flowers, a color you love or something your child has made for you
  • Add some inspiring quotes related to a goal you would love to accomplish
  • Think about adding a vision board to put you in an abundant mind set and keep you focused on what you want.
  • Keep working on creating order and add what you love to look at, use or think about to make it a feel good uplifting space

These simple actions will get your creative juices going so you can create order, feel better and begin to organize your home and your life. So the question to ask is where are your clutter problems and how can you energize your office so you can create a space that is productive and pleasurable to work in.