5 Ways To Inspire You To Clear Clutter

Inspiration is underrated. When it comes to sorting through clutter it needs to be part of your mental tool kit.

5 ways to inspire you to clear clutterYou need it when you don’t have the energy.

Or know how to get started on a project.

Inspiration gives vision

Vision gives you the clarity to know what you want.

Vision and energy are really important for clearing clutter, getting organized or restyling a space.

I have a couple of strategies that help me get inspired when I have to deal with some long standing stuff I want to get rid of. Sometimes I need to brainstorm how to make a space more functional.

These strategies will inspire you to do the same.

1. Listen to a lecture by the Minimalists

These are two guys who were stuck in corporate jobs, debt and the 80+ work week and ditched it all including most of their possessions for a happier minimalist life. I don’t qualify as a minimalist but I am always looking to streamline and simplify my home and life.

Two ideas that hit home is every possession you own should has value to you. So no junk. Every item has purpose in your life. There is no struggle to keep or to toss. You own it, you use it. Easy.

The second concept I loved is anything you get rid of can easily be replaced for under $20. So often we agonize over getting rid of something that often won’t be missed and can be replaced.

2. Realize there will be a lot less housework

It’s not only that every item you own needs to be taken care of but that daily life will flow a lot more smoothly.

Imagine your cleaning/picking up time halved, less furniture to move when you vacuum and not having to move surfaces when you clean. Kitchen clean up is quicker and there is less laundry and picking up to do.

Go wild, take a moment and imagine what life would be like with less than half of your stuff. How much easier would your day be?

4. Get some distance from the sorting task at hand

Taking a break can clear your head and connect you to the vision you are working for. Taking a walk to relax, go to a cafe and make a decluttering plan or listen to music. You want to get into a good head space so you can let go of things quickly and happily and complete your decluttering project.

5. Imagine the empty space

This is simple and takes seconds. A closet with all clothing hanging neatly in order with space between your clothes. Your kitchen pantry with every product easy to see. An uncluttered office with minimal paper and every item in use.

Clearing clutter has so much to do with your energy, your vision and your ability to let go.

So try some of these decluttering strategies and see if it puts you in a different energetic where having less but enough helps you to let go.