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Seven Biggest Decluttering Mistakes

Seven Biggest Decluttering MistakesWhen I first started decluttering I often ended up with more of a mess I would reorganize by moving things around without really addressing the issue of having too many things in too small of a space.

When I decided on a decluttering project I didn’t know where to start, how to make a plan and how to finish the job I had started.

I soon discovered there are seven common decluttering mistakes that many people make with any decluttering project.

Even more importantly here are the simple tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Don’t declutter when your energy is low and you are tired. Declutter when your energy is high and you feel energized and motivated. This may mean getting support from a friend, getting an accountability partner or reading some inspiring literature.
  2. Don’t start without a plan. If you don’t have a few thoughts to string together as to how you are going to do this you have a plan to fail. Take a few minutes to decide what you will declutter, how to get rid of clutter and what you want to let go and keep. Even a mini plan that takes a few minutes will set you on the right track.
  3. Don’t leave enough time to finish the job. It’s demoralizing to leave a decluttering task half finished and the area in even more or a mess. This often causes you to lose your train of thought, inspiration and momentum. Give every task a minute value and stick to it. Add ten minutes to every project so you can clean up.
  4. Don’t identify your clutter. Often clutter blends into the landscape of your home and if you can’t see it you can’t throw it out. Use the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys or pull a few personal clutter free standards together can give you a clutter free boost. Just thinking I’ll get rid of multiples, or everything too small or things I haven’t used in a year can bet the decluttering ball rolling.
  5. No tool kit. Running around for garbage bags, cleaning supplies and extra boxes can decrease your momentum and make clearing clutter a real chore. and be an incentive to abandon the project. Pre think and pull together your atool kit, water and energy food for decluttering success.
  6. No systems to get rid of clutter. There is nothing worse than clearing out a load of clutter as it sits by your front door or in your garage for weeks. Research the best ways to get rid of your clutter before you take on any clutter clearing projects. This may mean an extra garbage bag, trip to a charity bin, give aways or a garage sale.
  7. Don’t re-organize your things. Decluttering and organizing are like bread and butter. Once you have let go of what you no longer need you need to rethink how to organize what you own. What needs to be organized, systemized, sorted out and arranged? Think like with like, containerize and add labels.

Make your clutter free projects a success and avoid the seven biggest decluttering mistakes.

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