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How You Can Clear Clutter In The Blink Of An Eye

Would you like to clear clutter in the blink of an eye?

In the sixties there were two great family shows that involved magic in a very fun way. You may have watched, “I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched”.

In these shows all it took was a snap of the fingers or a twitch of a nose and things would disappear.

How You Can Clear Clutter In The Blink Of An EyeYou have that ability or do you?

The ability to make sound quick decisions is a skill that develops the more you clear clutter and organize.


Because your comfort zone for letting go expands. You set a few clear guidelines for what you want to keep. You begin to identify what does and doesn’t add value to your life. Plus there is the fact that getting rid of clutter feels really good.

As you step out of past limitations and make simple mindset shifts, decisions that were difficult and time consuming become quick as a blink or a snap of your fingers. This not only happens with clutter it happens in other areas of your life.

An intuitive connection is made in the decluttering process. Clearing clutter, organizing what you love and developing great organizing habits creates an internal intention which lets you zero what you want and take confident action.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book Blink names this experience a snap judgement but there is nothing snap about it.

He explains that our unconscious has processed and concluded what we need to know long before we deal with the situation or have examined the facts.

His book illustrates the value of this phenomenon and how it functions in our lives.

His conclusion is a decision made in two seconds can be as effective and accurate as a decision over time.

As you make letting go of clutter a habit and begin to think about what makes life easier, more beautiful, more fun, more comfortable, calmer, more satisfying your subconscious is busy processing this information. It gives you a sharp nudge when an item or even an action does not fit in to your new clutter free, organizing, success puzzle.

Those quick emotional responses are important to notice as you declutter your home. When it comes to clearing clutter quick decisions are your true response.

If your thoughts begin to meander and you justify keeping something chances are it is an item that you keep with an excuse. Ask yourself new clutter free questions. Do you love it, do you use it and does it make you feel good to see or use it. Does this item make your life easier, add beauty, function or comfort, if it doesn’t let it go and start to clear clutter in the blink of an eye

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