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5 Tips To Declutter Your Kids Clothes

Kids clothes are the type of clutter that can quickly get out of control if you don’t have a toss and keep system under your belt.

5 Tips to Declutter Your Kids ClothesWhether your drawers and closets are filling up with stuff they can’t wear or you are piling bins of kids clothing, all this stored clothing will take up so much space you will want to deal with it.

The problems with kids clothing is so many decisions make it overwhelming.

The problems with sorting stored kids clothing

Problem 1: Just getting started is overwhelming.

Problem 2: Feeling confident about what to keep and what to toss

Problem 3: Stuff you want to get rid of is mixed in with what you want to keep

Problem 4: You are storing things for the next baby

When you declutter think about letting go and keeping the basics.

You probably won’t ever use everything you want to keep.

A good strategy is to sort through kids cloths at the change of season, this way you won’t be storing things you’ll never use.

The Five Guidelines For Sorting and Decluttering Kids Clothing

Take out all the clothing you need to sort and put them in sorting piles.

You will probably have basic piles of sleepers, shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, dresses, jackets, shoes.

  1. Get rid of the clothes you don’t like or really love
    A good example is the lime green mega-frilly dress my aunt gave me when my daughter turned one. After a day of really trying to like it went into the charity bag.
  2. You will find clothes that are an awful color, strange cut, too frilly, wrong material, or you just know it won’t suit your child. These can go. There also may be clothes your child does not like to wear.
  3. Get rid of the clothes that are too worn
    These will be the hand me downs. If there are holes you don’t want to repair, stains that won’t come out or if the material is thin or worn time to go
  4. Get rid of clothes that are wrong size, wrong season
    Many of us have saved clothes only to have a winter baby after a summer baby and all the saved clothes are the wrong season. The seasonal clothes you are saving may or may not be used.
  5. Set limits on how many clothes you want to keep
    It is a good idea to set limits on what you want to keep. Decide where you will store them and set a limit on containers. Ideas like one or two plastic bins, the bottom two drawers or a section of a closet will work fine as long as you don’t need the space.

It feels great to have kids clothes decluttered and organized.

Imagine just the right amount of clothing, with every item in its right place and your child wearing everything in their dresser and closet.

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