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Five Simple Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing spaces.

Five Simple Feng Shui TipsIt is used by Feng Shui practitioners to improve the positive energy of a space and by interior designers to improve the look of a space.

Simple changes can improve the energy in your home, enhance how a room looks and support a relaxing, comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.

My definition of a Feng Shui home are clean living spaces without clutter, a connection to nature, possessions you love to use and no overcrowding anywhere.

A better energy and look in your home can be achieved by anyone.

Here are my five most effective Feng Shui tips that you can use in every room in your home.

Let go of your clutter: Every Feng Shui consultant will advise you to get rid of clutter. Areas that are cluttered evoke feelings of frustration and overwhelm.

Decluttering a space unblocks energy and often you can feel energized and clear headed. Start with items that are broken or things you know you don’t like.

Develop a spacious mindset: Reorganize so there is space around what you own.

Overcrowding prevents the movement of energy, is visually unattractive and on a practical level can make possessions impossible to find.

Start to clear flat surfaces, get things off the floor and declutter drawers and shelves for visual and energetic calm.

Create positive symbols: What possessions do you own that have a positive meaning for you. What items do you own that represent a feeling of success, happiness or support your wellbeing? Family photographs may evoke feelings of warmth; loved child hood possessions may create good memories and a vision board may represent all your goals and dreams.

Focus on what you love: This may be a new perspective which can speed up your clutter clearing, allow your creativity and sense of style to emerge and give you a sense of direction. This often means looking at your surrounding with new eyes, identifying your loved cherished possessions and letting go of anything that doesn’t fit into your, I love it category.

Bring nature inside: All things natural are uplifting and add instant beauty. Clean your windows to let the sunlight in, open your doors and let the wind blow through your home, add plants to purify air and remove toxins, use a beautiful rock as a paperweight or use your favorite nature scene as a screen saver.

Improving Feng Shui in your home is an achievable goal. Declutter the possessions you no longer love and use, create a spacious mindset, identify possessions that are positive symbols for you, identify and keep what you love and bring nature inside to begin to design your feng shui home.

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