Decluttering Ideas

Would you like to start your decluttering journey by doing a big house clear out and donating a truckload of stuff to charity?

That’s what I did.

Decluttering IdeasTo make a long story short I was working part time, living in a house with no closets, basement or garage. I had two kids under the age of three, with one of them almost never sleeping.

My kids were small, I was busy so I took a common sense approach.

Here’s how you can declutter 10 boxes of stuff so you can have more space and order in your home.

Quick Clutter Free Tips

Identify your no brainer clutter

We all have stuff we’ve been meaning to get rid of. Grab a bag, walk through your house and quickly put all those things you’ve been meaning to clear out or any item that is constantly annoying in the bag.

Clear the clutter in your drawers

Empty the contents and put less than 80% back. Get rid of the small stuff and put what your keeping back neatly.

Purge your Craft Supplies

Dump the unwanted unfinished projects, the craft you no longer do, the bits of material you are keeping.

Discard unwanted dishes

Kitchens are full of doubles, triples and multiples of things. Get rid of the second set of dishes you never liked, anything chipped anything too big and anything you never use.

Throw out 10 things from your pantry

Every pantry has almost empty things, messy open package things and two bottles of the same things not to mention out of date things. Toss 10 things that fit into the about category.

Purge your Kids Stuff

Time to go through the too small clothing, the toys that are missing pieces and any item that is broken.

Declutter your book shelves

Take a look a your bookshelves and give away any books on topics that no longer interest you.

Sort Out Your Linen closet

Do you have sheets that are worn, pillow cases that no longer look good, blankets that you don’t need, towels that need to go?

Make a let go box

This box is where you put things that you want to let go of as you come across them during the day. It make sure clutter is leaving your home all the time.

Check out your medicine cabinet

Throw out out of date or almost empty or never used for years medicine.

Edit your clothes

Now is the time to let go of those clothes you never wear the shoes that pinch your feel and any ho hum article of clothing.